Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hunt and Gather

I thought this would be a good way for me to keep track of purchases thoughout the year. It's so easy to forget... and then not appreciate where the money went. So, these are some of the things I bought in January. (I also bought a bunch of books, some vintage vases, and garden tools)
Big Garden Urn: ... Pottery Barn

Little Gold Star Necklace: I bought this on Etsy from Brideblu Jewelry . I thought I deserved for a gold star for my excellent hibernating skills.

Mac software upgrades:  Boring. I'm finally upgrading my Mac OS and a bunch of other software... finally.  I waited until I had to... so lazy.  But my iphone and my new backup drive both require it now... and it will be useful as I get my computer self together this month, organizing finances, pictures, etc.  Also, I like the snowy leopard.  (They release Lion this spring or summer I think)

Glass Vases: I picked some of these pretty little vases up at Pottery Barn too. On sale. Hooray.

Clean Cleanse: Argghh... I'm on day 13.  I still miss coffee so much I wake up weeping into my pillow each morning.  Other than that it's just fine. 

Votives: I stocked up on these little basic votives at Molbaks, they burn for 20 hours, instead of the lame four you get out of the regular ones. Excellent and essential for long winter nights.

Latte Bowls:  I'm addicted to these bowls from Anthropologie, I need to stop. But I can't...especially when they are on sale. I bought twelve new shiny blue ones.

The Harry Potter Exhibit:   I took my son and daughter to see this. I have such a soft spot for Harry Potter. Hayden grew up with Harry... I started reading the books to him when he was seven. The early summer evenings were just beginning to warm, I would bundle him and his little sister into bed overlooking the bay and read to him in the twilight until he fell asleep. We were on our own and this cozy ritual made us  feel safe and warm.  When I think of reading Harry Potter I still smell summer...

It was so interesting to see real props and wardrobe from the movies up close.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail was remarkable, so beautifully designed. I was inspired by it in so many ways. Now I'm going to watch all the movies again.