Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One of my favorite polishes right now is Pink Ribbon by Butter
Butter also has a little nail salon at the airport which comes in really handy, especially when you are crying because you had to leave your dying cat at the vet at 7am to travel for work... And maybe you cried because your daughter was calling and she was crying... and you missed your son... and their childhood which was so swiftly falling away and that little cat had sweetly, quietly shared in all those lovely hours of their growing up and now... when she slipped away it would mark the end of a time that you thought would never end. 

So... you can get a manicure while you wait for your flight, sobbing about your cat and endings... and the realization that it's too early in the morning to drink a screwdriver by yourself even if you could find one.

*Screwdrivers are technically breakfast food and full of folic acid
*Manicures are life affirming
*Butter has an awesome gold polish I love too...The Full Monty